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released April 7, 2011

Recorded and mixed January 2011 at the Hive by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Stuart McKillop
Artwork by Steven Graves




PRISONERS Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Do The Wrong Thing
I thought that we could manage, I thought that I could find simple communication of what was on my mind.

But I could try a thousand times and never tell it true, and certain situations keep on coming back to you.

I'll try to care if you try to understand and meet me in the middle.

Awake all night again we fight for love and what we'd lose. Intoxicated and so frustrated from the beer and self abuse.
Track Name: Stone Mover
For such a long voyage, you plan it out fast and complete.
And the confidence, you carry it so discretely.
I’m gone, I’m gone, I might be leaving tomorrow.
I’m gone, I’m gone, I might be leaving tomorrow.
Between the birds and the bees and the trees and the bottle,
I click and I hum my motto.

But I can’t decide, cuz if it’s just me and something that I lack,
It’ll follow me til I start beating it back.
Well it’s a shame to be here, pushing stones again.

I might be gone, or I might be leaving tomorrow.
I might be gone, or I might be leaving tomorrow.
I’ve been away so long eating flies with the spiders,
To prove to myself that I’m not a fighter.

But I can’t decide… just a ship at sea and someone’s cutting you slack,
Should I be surprised that you’re not giving it back?
It’s only time, it’ll be there when we’re dead.
It’s only time, and won’t you just change your mind?
Won’t you just change your mind?
Probably just change your mind, like it’s happened every time.
Like it’s happened every time.
You don’t eat when you’re hungry, you wait til your stomach hurts.
Track Name: This Is All Of The Time
I've never met someone like you before, oh no, that soon enough it would get to be known. I'd like to believe that I could get you wrong but time again we hear the same old song, when you lie when you lie

I'm on your side. Oh didn't you know? There's nowhere to hide, wherever you go. You can tell me you mind... Just don't waste no more of mine. Until you get yourself right this is all of the time.

This is a catalogue of calling you out the soonest moment you could be a sell out. Nobody wants to say a thing because they don't have the heart to see it in themselves and to see it in you.

This is nothing to me how you believe in everything.
Track Name: Raven
I'm a raven playing in the rain, on the flooded street; the dead leaves in the drain. In the morning on your way to work. To the office where the vultures lurk.

It don't mean a thing to me. You can tell me anything and my heart won't break. There's nothing I can't take. But I'm just a foolish bird on the street.

When you figure out what you've been doing wrong. You're gonna stay away with me a sing my song. There we'll be, waving in the sky. Singing bye bye baby bye bye bye baby bye bye.

Oh and it don't mean a thing to me...
Track Name: Boots of Righteous Defense
Making moves is a good defence
I'm getting straight to the point, but I mean no offense.
I'm just tired of the grind of counting dollars and cents and getting older.

Tell me tell me tell me what I don't want to hear.
You can give it to me straight man have no fear.
The only thing worse to me that being insincere is saying nothing.

Remind me of all the things you meant to say at the time that came and went. You can try all you want but it won't make a dent.

Might not be right but you don't say so. Taking pulls from a bottle as you try to let go. Sometimes the only way over is through you know. We can get it together.
Track Name: Without You
I don't know what to do without you
After all of the things we've been through
But now you say that you never needed me...

Your friends don't know what to do about you
After all of the shit you pulled them through.
But now you say that what you want is a name...

Your show degraded to just one note
Obscene and jaded; Recited from rote
The Wealth of Nations caught in your throat
As the audience sighed and picked up their coats
Track Name: Bonfire
Round up all my boys, and the shirts go in the back of my car, and when the lake is
frozen we’ll be back with the gasoline.
Shake, shake, shake, shaking all the cobwebs out.
Let’s burn that baby down.

We always meet at my bar, and we always take it way too far, and when the lights go out
I’m the man there making the scene.
Ok, ok, ok, ok I’ll drag my conscience out.
Let’s chase that face around.

There’s no time for hesitation now,
You’re running straight for a doorway.

I can see you, you’re a baby that cries when you’re sad and pouts when you’re mad at
whatever holds you back.
You’re a baby that cries when you’re sad and pouts when you’re mad at whatever holds
you back.