I'm a raven playing in the rain, on the flooded street; the dead leaves in the drain. In the morning on your way to work. To the office where the vultures lurk.

It don't mean a thing to me. You can tell me anything and my heart won't break. There's nothing I can't take. But I'm just a foolish bird on the street.

When you figure out what you've been doing wrong. You're gonna stay away with me a sing my song. There we'll be, waving in the sky. Singing bye bye baby bye bye bye baby bye bye.

Oh and it don't mean a thing to me...


from THIS IS ALL OF THE TIME, released April 7, 2011
T.Gunderson - Vocals and Guitar
N.Corbett - Drums and Backing Vocals
M.Pollock - Bass
W.Regan - Piano




PRISONERS Vancouver, British Columbia

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